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Be the Best You in 2017, With a Facelift!


Be the Best You in 2017, With a Facelift!

It’s time to start 2017 right! How you start the year will decide just how well the rest of it will go, so it’s important that you start it as the best possible version of yourself. By getting a facelift right as the year kicks off, you can spend the rest of the year looking brighter, younger, and more refreshed. With a facelift, you can finally look forward to a year where you can look as young as you feel.

Why a facelift?

It might be that your personality and thirst for life isn’t reflected by the sagging, drooping skin that you’re suddenly starting to see in the mirror. It’s why so many people turn to the facelift, which is a wonderful way to turn back the clock and reverse the effects of gravity on the face. With a facelift, you can completely rejuvenate yourself in one single procedure, with results that will last throughout 2017 and for years beyond. So many New Year’s resolutions are focused on changing the inner and outer self: lose weight, work more efficiently, enjoy life more etc. With a facelift, you can finally face the new year with a younger, newer look and a regained sense of confidence and verve.

What does a facelift do?

With a facelift, you can look forward to a 2017 with reduced jowls, reduced deep creases, firm, tight skin, restored volume to the face, and smoother features. By lifting and brightening up your features, a facelift can make you look years younger. A facelift removes excess skin while tightening the layers underneath the skin; facelift incisions will be small and hidden by the hairline and behind the ear.

What’s a “great” facelift?

A great facelift should look as natural as possible, meaning it should be noticeable in the most subtle way possible. A “good” facelift should not look “overdone” or make you look windblown. A great facelift should make you noticeably refreshed, healthy, and well-rested while still looking like you. Your family and friends will notice a difference, but they won’t be able to put their finger on it! One thing’s for sure, you will look good. If you want to become the best version of yourself in 2017, you’re going to need an amazing, caring plastic surgeon that completely understands your goals. For a chance to work with the renowned Dr. Munasifi, contact Advanced Plastic Surgery now, for a consultation.

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