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Dr. Munasifi Has Performed Over 3000 Facelifts


Dr. Munasifi Has Performed Over 3000 Facelifts

What does it mean to have a great surgeon for your facelift? One of the most important variables you should look for in a plastic surgeon is someone who’s completed facelifts with great frequency. You want someone with extensive experience with the facelift; a surgeon who devotes much of their practice to whatever procedure you’re looking for. You want someone who is extensively educated, and board-certified in plastic surgery. In all these benchmarks, Dr. Munasifi excels. Dr. Munasifi has actually performed more than 3,000 facelifts.


A facelift is one of the most complicated plastic surgery procedures available, and your surgeon and the specific techniques that he employs can really affect how natural your facelift will look. Dr. Munasifi has a wide repertoire of techniques he can choose from to customize your facelift to fit your aesthetic desires and unique features. For all his facelifts, Dr. Munasifi doesn’t just tighten the skin, but he also utilizes the tissue and muscle underneath the skin to create more natural, long-lasting results. It’s the difference between having an “overly-done” plastic-y look, and a subtle change your family and friends will struggle to put their finger on.

What Can a Facelift Do?

Facelifts are wonderful procedures for lifting and tightening skin in the midface and neck area. It can rejuvenate the area ranging from the top of your cheeks to the middle of your neck; more specifically, it can help reduce sagging jowls, gaunt cheeks, wrinkles and fine lines, double chins, and deep creases.

The Aesthetics of Facelift

The Golden Ratio. Facial Symmetry. There are so many systems and theories that try to quantify what makes a person beautiful. There happens to be a similar philosophy employed for the facelift; essentially, a great facelift focuses on creating harmony and balance for your facial features. Not one aspect of your facelift should be distracting, so a great facelift result should pull together all your features in a proportional, beautiful way.

Combination Procedures

Want your procedure to be completely comprehensive? Lucky for you, a facelift is versatile enough to be combined with other procedures. Eyelid lifts, brow lifts, and laser skin resurfacing are commonly combined with facelifts to create the best rejuvenation possible. For an extra touch of finesse and artistry, Dr. Munasifi almost always pairs his facelifts with fat grafting to restore youthful volume in the face and create smooth, natural contours.

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