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Facelift Recovery

Facelift Recovery

Facelift Recovery

Recovering from a facelift is a delicate tightrope walk. It’s not just a physical recovery, but an emotional one, and having the safest, healthiest recovery is key to getting the best possible results. Rather than find out what will work and what won't during your recovery, check out this handy guide for how to get the best kind of recovery from your facelift.

Keep it Simple

Now is the time to uncomplicate your life. Make sure your prescriptions are ready, your house cleaned, bills paid, supplies and groceries stocked, and all your chores are done before your operation. Your recovery should be completely worry-free.

Highway to the Comfort Zone

Most patients recovering from plastic surgery establish a “comfort zone,” a kind of base camp for people to be able to spend most of their time relaxing. Your comfort zone should be soft, with lots of pillows and blankets. It should have necessities like alarm clocks, remotes, medication, and supplies nearby.

Keep Walking

While we have stressed avoiding any strenuous activity and keeping yourself nice and well-rested, you also need to keep your blood well-circulated, so do some light walking regularly so that you can have some regular movement every day.


You’ll be resting most of the time, so make sure you have lots of comfortable PJs to wear. Also, make sure that they open from the front since it might be painful to pull a shirt over your head.


During at least the first week of your recovery, you should always keep your head upright—even bending over to pick up heavy objects is verboten. Keeping your head upright reduces the risk of swelling and increased bleeding, but it might be a little difficult when it comes to sleeping. Buying an incline pillow is a great way to make sure you stay upright during your recovery while keeping you comfortable.

Easy-to-Eat Food

Having to prepare food while you’re recovering from major surgery can be a real hassle, so it’s important that you stock up on food that’s easy to microwave or heat up. As for the type of food that you should be eating, stick to easiest kind to eat. Remember that your face is going to be extremely delicate, and you need to get food that needs the least amount of chewing. We’re talking Jell-O, applesauce, and soup. You might also experience some nausea from your pain medication, so get lots of ginger ale and diluted juices to help settle your stomach. Stock up on straws too! At the end of your recovery, you’ll finally be able to see a younger, more confident you, and it’s worth the wait.

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