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Most frequently asked questions about Facelift surgery


Researching and considering facelift surgery can be an intimidating and overwhelming process. It is normal to have questions about the surgery, the recovery process, and how quickly you can resume your normal routine. As our goal is always to help make your journey as easy and serene as possible, Dr. Munasifi answers some of the most common questions our patients have asked.

Several patients have questions about how quickly they can go back to their routine after a Minimally Invasive Facelift. Below are some of the most common questions we have answered over the years.

Minimally Invasive Facelift

How much pain can I expect after my facelift?

A facelift is not a painful procedure. Most of our patients take either nothing, or Tylenol for pain. Narcotic pain medication is rarely needed after surgery. If you experience pain after your facelift surgery, we recommend that you call Dr. Munasifi office immediately for an evaluation.

When can I exercise after surgery?

You can walk miles the day after surgery, but dressing and some bruises may limit social interactions. All of our patients return to our office to see Dr. Munasifi the following day. We recommend no heavy lifting for a few weeks after surgery, but stretches and using light weights are okay.

How long will it take to heal from my facelift?

The majority of our patients are able to return to work and social interactions within two weeks of surgery. One week after surgery, you will no longer require dressing. At that time, you can start wearing makeup, and patients are usually able to go out to dinner with family and close friends.

Will my surgeon need to shave some of my hair?

No. Dr. Munasifi never shaves patients’ hair.

When can I fly?

We have many patients who come from out of town for surgery. In general, we ask that you plan to stay in town for 10 days. After that, you can fly out, but we will need to see you back in the office in another two weeks.

Will I have any diet restrictions?

We recommend a normal, balanced nutrition to optimize the healing process before and after surgery. Increasing your protein intake two weeks prior to surgery is also a great way to speed up healing.

Will I look like I had a facelift?

While you will look younger by about 10-15 years, no one will know by looking at you that you have had eye or facial surgery. Our patients look natural and refreshed. We review old photos and use the most advanced techniques to make you look like yourself, when you were younger.

Dr. Munasifi is one of the leading plastic surgeons in Northern Virginia and has performed over 4000 Facelift surgeries. His patient-focused approach and expertise makes him one of the highly regarded plastic surgeons in the area. He has been recognized as a top plastic surgeon by his peer year after year, and teaches his facial surgery technique to future plastic surgeons.

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