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How Much Weight Should I Lose Before My Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

How Much Weight Should I Lose Before My Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck can work wonders on the stomach, rejuvenating loose protruding bellies and transforming them into flat, athletic stomachs. The one thing it can never do, however, is be used as a method of quick weight loss. In fact, many plastic surgeons consider the perfect candidate for the tummy tuck to be someone close to their ideal weight who just wants to remove stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away through diet and exercise. So, before you begin your path towards a tummy tuck, it’s important to ask: how much weight should I lose before my tummy tuck?

Why Lose Weight in the First Place?

Medically speaking, many surgeons encourage patients to lose weight because being overweight or obese raises the risk of complications from surgery considerably. Multiple studies have shown that recoveries for overweight patients were more severe, and overweight patients were more likely to suffer from side effects that landed them in the emergency room.

What’s Your Number?

When most people ask this question, they’re usually looking for a specific number to try to get to. Unfortunately, everybody is different, and there’s no specific amount of weight that’s right for everybody. Losing 30 pounds for a taller stockier person is quite different to a smaller, skinny person losing 30 pounds.

What Does “IDEAL” Mean to You?

Oftentimes, a patient will choose an arbitrary weight to shoot for, and they try their best to attain it. They try fad diets or weight loss pills and succeed, losing a large amount of weight very quickly. The only problem is, extreme weight loss is almost always followed by an immediate weight gain, almost like a yo-yoing of weight. Some patients find themselves closer to the date of surgery, having gained all the weight they lost back. When preparing for your tummy tuck, redefine what your “ideal” weight is. To many surgeons, the ideal weight is where you plateau in your weight loss journey, and this is most likely the weight that you’re most likely to easily maintain. It might not be your “ideal” weight, but it just might be the perfect condition for you to get your tummy tuck.

Be Healthy

There’s another thing to consider before you undergo the tummy tuck— health. While healing from your incisions, you need to be healthy and have the proper balance of nutrients in your body. After all, your body will need to essentially rebuild itself, and you’re going to need the right building blocks for the job. Make sure your diet is healthy, nutritious, and gives you all the nutrients and proteins you need. While there is no definitive answer for how much weight you should lose before undergoing a tummy tuck, we hope you’re a little bit closer to understanding the steps you must take before committing to this major procedure.

Talking to a talented, compassionate plastic surgeon like Dr. Munasifi can help inform you on the tummy tuck even more, so contact Advanced Plastic Surgery now, for a consultation.

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