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Laser Acne Treatment (Isolaz®) – Arlington, VA*

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About Laser Acne Treatment

Many of us grow up hearing that appearance isn't everything. Still, as we mature, we begin to feel that our looks do have an enormous effect on our lives and our self-esteem. Patients who have acne may have severe papules or infected cysts on their face, neck, lower back, shoulder blades, chest, and arms. It may affect your life from an aesthetic standpoint and/or a psychological one. If you have used a variety of prescriptions, ointments, or serums but nothing seems to provide relief, laser acne treatment with Isolaz may be a wonderful solution for your acne. After completing their treatments, a lot of our Arlington, VA patients observe huge improvements in their acne and are happy with the results.

Advanced Plastic Surgery Center is happy to offer noninvasive laser procedures that help stop active acne. We encourage you to reach out and request additional information about our laser acne procedures and schedule an appointment. 

Ideal Candidates

Arlington, VA individuals who live with active acne usually have inflamed blemishes, blackheads, or blocked oil ducts that occur on various areas of the body. Isolaz is an ideal treatment for patients who have tried various options, including vitamins, topical creams, or lotions. It may help individuals achieve healthier skin by reducing breakouts. Our team offers the latest in laser procedures that work effectively on most skin types with proven outcomes. Throughout your first visit, our team will methodically examine your skin and acne to determine if you are a potential fit for this treatment.

Procedure Technique

Our aesthetician will begin by cleansing your face. If needed, patients will wear safety goggles to cover their eyes. During the 30-minute procedure, a member of our team will gently guide the laser over the skin to remove whiteheads and destroy acne-causing microbes. You could experience a little irritation throughout the session, but many individuals describe it as an annoying tingling sensation. The treatment helps enhance your skin, enabling you to accomplish a beautiful look.

What to Expect

After your treatment, you might experience additional reddening, puffiness, and mild skin sensitivity. Based on the area treated, we suggest not utilizing beauty products for a day. Additionally, you need to avoid any sun exposure. Patients will typically see results after 24 – 48 hours. A member of our team will help determine the number of sessions you will need for optimal results.

Following laser acne sessions, many individuals feel relieved and hopeful. A laser session does what prescriptions sometimes can’t do and can help clear up your acne and leave your skin soft, healthy, and revived.

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Clearer Skin is Possible

If you are suffering from acne and have used countless vitamins or supplements that were not helpful, our team encourages you to look forward to better days by calling our Arlington, VA office. Don't let cystic acne hinder you from loving your skin. Let Advanced Plastic Surgery Center help you get the clear skin you have always hoped for. To hear more details about laser treatments for mild to severe acne, please reach out to our office and schedule your visit.

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