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Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation and Cosmetic Tattooing) – Arlington, VA*

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About Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup is a term used to describe cosmetic tattooing or the use of pigment on the face to mimic makeup. While there are many different reasons to elect for permanent makeup, many patients simply want to minimize their daily makeup routine while achieving lasting, natural beauty. Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Arlington, VA offers standard and 6D microblading, lip lining, and eye lining. Once applied, your results will be lasting and resistant against water, cleanser, sweat, and even makeup remover. Schedule an appointment with our experienced aesthetician to learn more about permanent makeup. In some cases, we can perform your cosmetic tattooing procedure the same day as your consultation!

Makeup Options

Microblading – Microblading, or 6D eyebrows, is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure that creates a thick, full brow using gentle strokes that resemble individual brows. Your treatment will be fully tailored to match your facial features and meet your aesthetic goals. Results appear very natural and last but will require touch-ups on occasion to maintain their shape and color. 

Eyeliner – Permanent eyeliner can be performed on the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid, or both. The procedure is typically more tolerable than anticipated with results that can last several years when properly cared for. Patients can choose the color of the pigment that will be utilized and can customize the width of the line tattooed along the eyeline. 

Lip liner – Lip line tattooing is incredibly popular as it helps the lips to look more defined and fuller without the need for injectable fillers. Lip lining is highly customizable with patients able to choose the pigment color and width of the line before it is created. Results are typically stunning, lasting, and natural, reducing your need for lipstick and lip color. 

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What to Expect

Your appointment at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center will begin with a consultation with our aesthetician. During this meeting, your aesthetic goals and concerns will be discussed so that a treatment plan can be created for your makeup application. Your cosmetic tattooing procedure(s) can typically begin immediately afterward. Your skin will be carefully cleaned and dried before our aesthetician begins carefully and meticulously applying your chosen pigment to the areas being tattooed. Following your procedure(s), we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to care for your skin as it heals. Carefully following these aftercare instructions will help your makeup heal well and last.

Cosmetic Tattooing FAQs

Really Permanent?

Although it is called permanent makeup, semi-permanent is a more accurate description. In most cases, your makeup will need touching up to remain vibrant. Like any tattoo, cosmetic makeup fades in time from exposure to the sun and other chemicals and elements. As your pigment fades, you may decide to choose a different color for touch-ups and reapplications. 

Is It Painful?

In our experience, patients typically feel less pain than they anticipate. That being said, patients usually experience some degree of discomfort during their permanent makeup procedure. If you have not had a tattoo before and are fearful about the potential pain, ask about the use of topical anesthesia to help you feel more comfortable. 

Is It Safe?

When performed by an experienced aesthetician, cosmetic tattooing is actually very safe and poses very few risks. The tools, technologies, and treatment areas will be sanitized prior to your procedure. This is the benefit of having cosmetic tattooing performed at an accredited facility, like Advanced Plastic Surgery Center. 

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If you are ready to shorten your daily makeup routine and look fresh-faced all day every day, schedule a visit at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Arlington, VA. With the help of our experienced aesthetician, you can enjoy semi-permanent makeup that lasts for years and keeps you looking beautiful.

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