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Ultherapy on the TODAY Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda

Kathie Lee Gifford gets Ultherapy done "live" on the TODAY Show! Dr. Francesca Fusco performs the treatment while Dr. Pat Wexler talks about its ability to lift and tighten skin. Schedule your consult now: www.advancedplasticsurgerycenter.com/schedule-consult

About Ultherapy

Speaker 1:          New tonight on NBC.

Kathy Lee:          If your skin is starting to sag and wrinkle, it's normal, but you're too afraid to go under the knife, this latest cosmetic procedure might be just for you.

Speaker 1:          Hey, listen, it happens to people. Your face looks great but if you catch a glimpse in the mirror and you look like your texting and you're not, you might want to say, what has happened to my neck?

Kathy Lee:          Yeah. So a few months back, I paid a visit to the office of my dear, dear friend and dermatologist, Patricia Wexler. She and her husband performed Ultherapy. What is Ultherapy, you ask? Well, we're going to tell you. Take a look. 
                    We are in the esteemed Dr. Patricia Wexler's dermatological. Look how beautiful this is. She always has gorgeous fresh flowers and glamour pictures on the walls. She's like Earth Mother to everybody. 
                    A lot of women worry about their face. They put a lot of creams on their face but they neglect their neck. Then all of the sudden, you end up having, your face does not look age-appropriate to your neck.
                    So she told me about this, something called Ultherapy. I have no idea what it is but I trust her. She can tell you what it is.

Patricia Wexler:    Ultherapy is focused ultrasound and ultrasound is heat energy.

Kathy Lee:          But it's supposed to be ... painful. 

Patricia Wexler:    She's ready. She's relaxed. She's raring to go. She's excited.

Kathy Lee:          I am not. I'm scared to death. 

Patricia Wexler:    You're doing really well. 

Kathy Lee:          Yeah, but it's not pleasant. 

Patricia Wexler:    No. Nobody said it was fun. 

Speaker 4:          Actually, the lady at the desk enjoys it. 

Kathy Lee:          Are you kidding me? Is she a dominatrix?

Patricia Wexler:    We're part way through. She's done unbelievably well. She's really comfortable and I can't wait to see the results.

Kathy Lee:          It's a good day. 
                    Yeah, it took about 45 minutes and Dr. Wexler is here to tell us more about Ultherapy and how it works and why it works. 

Patricia Wexler:    Ultherapy is focused ultrasound and ultrasound is energy. It's heat. And we direct the heat to three levels of the skin. The first level is the level of the muscle and the second level is the deep dermis of the skin, and the third level is superficial. The wrinkles. 

Kathy Lee:          Your husband Gene was telling me the reason it hurt in one place more than the other is where you go down to the muscle where, you go down to the muscle where actually if you were having a face lift, that's the level that it would go to.

Patricia Wexler:    Right. So actually tightening, we're stimulating collagen and elastic tissue with heat because the heat is stimulating the fibroblasts in the skin to release procollagen, and procollagen stimulates collagen and elastic tissue. 

Kathy Lee:          Like the next day I felt I looked better. And my makeup went on [crosstalk 00:02:44]

Speaker 4:          That's the question I wanted to ask. Did it hurt?

Kathy Lee:          It's mildly uncomfortable. The fraxel about killed me. 

Patricia Wexler:    I think it's less painful than the injections, than the fractionated resurfacing, because it passes the skin and it's actually going to the ... it lifts muscle and skin. All others can tighten, but this is approved for tightening and lifting the chin, the neck, and the brows, actually. 

Speaker 4:          I can't wait until they can do these ultrasound waves into our brain to help our memory. 

Patricia Wexler:    Kathy would only let us do her neck.

Speaker 4:          Oh? Interesting. 

Kathy Lee:          No, now that I've seen the results, you can do my thighs. 

Patricia Wexler:    We actually do off-label to the decolletage. Well decolletage is actually on label now, so you can actually get rid of the wrinkles and you can lift the breast area.

Kathy Lee:          The peach pit as Bette Midler calls it. All right, and how much does it cost, because different parts of the country, it varies.

Patricia Wexler:    In different parts ... in New York it's going to be more expensive and it can vary from $4,000 and up, depending on the doctor. In some parts of the country, it's $2,500. 

Kathy Lee:          You see the best results after about two to three months, right? 

Patricia Wexler:    Yes, but some people say two weeks and they already see a dramatic different.

Speaker 4:          And how long does it last?

Patricia Wexler:    It lasts until you age more.

Kathy Lee:          No side effects that I saw. None at all, you walk out, you're fine. 

Patricia Wexler:    Most people find no side effects. Some people see a little bruising.

Speaker 4:          You mean if they're whiners, is that what you're trying to say?

Patricia Wexler:    No, no, not at all. But some people are prone to bruising and you might see a few little bruises. Some people swell more than others.

Kathy Lee:          Well, you're going to try it on her, right? Then we gotta go. 

Speaker 4:          Yeah, I'll try it. Should I sit down?

Patricia Wexler:    No, you don't even have to sit down. 

Speaker 4:          I would lie down if it would feel like I'm having a bath.

Patricia Wexler:    No, we're just going to do a-

Kathy Lee:          And so who's a good candidate, Pat?

Patricia Wexler:    A good candidate is somewhat with mild to moderate laxity or aging of the skin. 

Speaker 4:          Okay, I'm ready. I'm totally ready. I'm holding on. 

Patricia Wexler:    Sorry. Let's get it ready. 

Kathy Lee:          And you said I was a good candidate because I didn't have much sun damage?

Patricia Wexler:    Right. Exactly. 

Kathy Lee:          Okay. 

Patricia Wexler:    Okay, ready?

Speaker 4:          I'm going to describe it. Okay, ready. I'm ready to do it. I'm ready. I'm ready. Okay.

Patricia Wexler:    Okay?

Speaker 4:          Yep. 

Patricia Wexler:    You're not going to feel much. 

Kathy Lee:          Feeling anything? 

Speaker 4:          You know what it feel like? Remember in the old days when we used to have a beeper? And somebody would call and your beeper would go off-

Kathy Lee:          Just like a little vibration?

Speaker 4:          That what it feels like. It feels like a little vibration.

Kathy Lee:          But it doesn't hurt you?

Speaker 4:          Not a bit. 

Kathy Lee:          Oh, I am a wimp, then. 

Speaker 4:          Not a bit.

Kathy Lee:          Dr. Wexler, I love you. I will see you next week for something. 

Speaker 4:          Wow.

Kathy Lee:          Another way to hide your imperfections, good old fashioned make-up.

Speaker 4:          All right. Now from mascara to cold cream and hair spray. Tried and true beauty products. After this.

Kathy Lee:          Some of them are going to surprise you.

Speaker 4:          Yeah. I know. I have some old stuff ...