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About Our Eyelash services

Whether you have long, thick eyelashes or thin, short ones, most of us are aware that they require a certain amount of maintenance to look their best. If you would like to appear freshly made-up all day without reapplying mascara repeatedly, you may be interested in eyelash services at Advanced Plastic Surgery Center in Arlington, VA. Our talented aesthetician offers lash extensions, eyelash lifts, and eyelash tinting for a youthful, awake look that amplifies your natural beauty and reduces the need for makeup. Read on to learn about the differences in these services before scheduling your eyelash appointment. We are glad to answer any questions you may have prior to your visit.

Our Eyelash Options

Eyelash extensions – Unlike temporary falsies that can be glued on at home, professional eyelash extensions are applied with a semi-permanent adhesive. Carefully applied to each individual eyelash along the top lash line, extensions make your lashes appear longer and fuller. Patients have many options to choose from when customizing their lash treatment, including the material, length, fullness, and curl of the extensions. 

Eyelash tinting – Eyelash tinting involves darkening the color of the lashes with a semi-permanent color, which helps your lashes appear darker as if you are wearing mascara. The solution used to color your lashes is safe for most patients and could last up to six weeks when cared for properly. Many patients choose to combine an eyelash tint with an eyelash lift for a comprehensive and beautiful result. 

Eyelash lift – An eyelash lift is very similar to a hair perm. Using a perming solution, your lashes are curled upward using a small silicone rod. The procedure is fast and effective, and the results could last around six weeks. Patients often choose to combine their eyelash lift with tinting to amplify their results. Results typically last around six weeks. 

Which Service Should I Choose?

The type of eyelash treatment you should choose depends on a few factors, including the health of your lashes and your aesthetic goals. Patients may wish for eyelash extensions only to learn that their gorgeous, natural lashes could be amplified with just a tint. Adversely, a patient with brittle lashes that do not hold curl may be best suited for lash extensions. At the start of your lash appointment, ask our aesthetician for her opinion on the health of your eyelashes and the service she feels will bring out your natural beauty. If the treatment cost is a factor, speak candidly with the aesthetician during your visit so that your budget can be kept in mind. 

What to Expect

You should plan to attend your visit free of makeup, mascara, and moisturizers. We will cleanse your lashes before beginning your treatment, but coming with a fresh face will help us get started promptly. Depending on the eyelash service chosen, your treatment could take from 30 minutes to two or more hours. You should plan to rest comfortably on our treatment table during this time. Following your lash treatment, we recommend avoiding washing your eyes or lashes for 24 hours so all adhesive, solutions, or tints can fully cure and dry. Our team will provide you with aftercare instructions specific to the type of lash treatment you choose. With careful attention, your results will be beautiful for weeks. 

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Eyelash FAQs

Allergies and Sensitivities?

If you are sensitive to any cosmetics, please be sure to share this with the aesthetician prior to your treatment. We try to utilize products with very little risk to those with allergies, but any potential complications should be calculated and accounted for before your treatment begins. 

Can I continue to wear makeup?

It is completely fine to continue wearing makeup after your lash treatment. However, we encourage you to use only the products considered safe by our aesthetician. She will inform you of products to avoid, as well as those that are safe for use on your treated lashes. 

Extension Tips?

To protect your eyelash extensions,  we recommend the use of only oil-free makeup remover on a cotton pad or Q-tip when cleaning your eyes or removing your makeup. You should also be careful to avoid direct contact with the shower stream while showering. Heavy sweat can also compromise the health of your lashes so we recommend wearing a headband when working out. 

Will I Ruin My natural lashes?

The idea that lash treatments could potentially ruin your natural lashes is mostly a myth. It is true that the poor application and removal of extensions could compromise the health of the natural lash beneath, but when using a professional, this is generally not a concern. Lash lifts and tints pose little, if any, threat to your natural lash. 

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If you are ready to sport a refreshed, awake, youthful look without the need for mascara, contact Advanced Plastic Surgery Center to learn about your eyelash options. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced in aesthetic treatments and is ready to help you achieve a look you'll be proud to show off.

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